The Plot:

A Magician Comes To Town

Your Story:

An Unforgettable Wedding
A Lovely Private Party
An Intimate One-Man-Show

The Plot:

A Magician Comes To Town

You’ve taken care of the setting and characters of your story.  Now for a good plot!  If you’re reading this then you’re probably already intrigued by the plot.  But if you’ve been wondering about any of the following, then I may be able to help:

  • How can I create buzz around my event?

  • How can I set the tone early on for  the event?

  • How can I make it personal and unique?

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John Doe

Chapter One:


Just knowing a magician is present generates buzz. But as I begin to engage with your guests a palpable feeling of anticipation & excitement begins to spreed: "When will the magician visit us?"


Magic gets people talking! Set the tone early by having me open up conversation during drinks & reception.

Magic Memento

Ask me bout creating a personalized magic effect for a special guest. I also leave a unique memento of the evening with selected few!

The Plot Thickens:

Strolling Magic

The Preface:  I begin to weave my tale by engaging small groups during drinks and reception.  Close-up-Magic in your hands!

Strolling Plus

For those who want more, I establish myself at a small table where people can approach me to watch more magic, more in-depth

Dinner & Beyond

Between courses I offer table magic for larger groups & can even perform cabaret-style for the entire group after dessert

Epilogue: An Intimate One-Man-Show

Your may want a special ending to your story, an epilogue to punctuate a fantastic event. Or you my want an intimate evening of magic in a bijoux setting. I offer an Intimate One-Mn-Show in the venue of your choice or in specialized magic theatre in London.