Private Parties & Weddings

The Plot:

A Magician Comes To Town


Begin your story:

Table Of Contents:

Strolling Magic

Looking to entertain your guests during drinks & reception?  I can help by mingling with them and sharing magic that happens in their own hands!

Table magic

Organizing seating arrangements can be tricky.  I can help ensure everyone stays engaged and entertained between courses with small table shows throughout dinner.


Looking to make your event stand out?  I can help make it memorable with a 10-15 min, cabaret before speeches and other entertainment

Chapter One

Strolling Magic

For any mix & mingle part of your event, strolling magic helps your guests feel welcome and involved

Designed For:

Wedding Reception

Helps guests feel welcome, meet others, & establishes the mood

Private Parties

Generates Buzz and helps make your party one to remember


Add that extra special touch to  birthday celebration!

Starting the party off right can be tricky.  If the mood isn’t right, the rest of the evening may be a challenge.  I love meeting people and showing them magic that happens in their own hands!  I especially love the buzz this creates for the entire event.

Chapter Two:  The Plot Thickens

Table Magic

If your event includes  acatered dinner, once your guests are seated, I offer a small table show. 

  • keeps guests engaged

  • keeps them in their seats 

  • helps your event run on time.

This is also the time for special attention to particular guests.

Table Magic: A Story Within A Story

Designed For:

Wedding Breakfast

Corporte/Charity Functions

Awards Dinners


Cabaret Magic

After dinner, a 10 – 15 minute cabaret show serves as a wonderful way to bring everyone together before music and other main events.   


Leave them wanting more:

Every good story has a great ending.  Organizing entertainment for after-dinner can be formulaic and cliche. Why not make your story stand out and end with something a little different.

Services Summary

Strolling Magic Basic

Decentralized strolling entertainment designed to create buzz, facilitate introductions, and establish the mood. Magic happens in your own hands!

Strolling Magic Plus+

In addition to strolling entertainment, a fixed presence is established using a tri-pod table where more involved styles and ranges of magic can occur.  Signage at the table will spread the word that small “street-show” style performances re available

Table Magic

Keeping people engaged throughout the evening cn be a challenge.  If your event includes a catered dinner, small table shows between curses are a great way to keep people seated and entertained as well s helping your event run on time.

Cabaret & Parlour

Adds that extra special touch to any event, involves everyone as a group, and makes your event stand out

Special Guest

Do you want to make someone feel special?  Ask me bout designing a bespoke piece of magic for your special guest

Large-Scale Events

Looking for a unique solution to your large-scale corporate event?  Ask me about “The Bunco Show”, a complete, scale-able, and interactive entertainment package

All magic certified organic, gluten-free, free-range, and vegan.