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A Lovely Private Party
An Unforgettable Wedding
An Intimate One-Man-Show
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Thank you so were such a huge hit with our guests, people kept coming up to me all night and telling me how great you'd been.

About Me

By the way, I just thought before you go any further I’d say hello and let you know a little bout myself.  I’m a London-based performer of close-up, cabaret, and stage magic.  If you’ve come this far you’re probably already intrigued by the main plot of the story: “A Magician Comes To Town”.  I’d be honoured to play this role in your story.  For more bout me, please click the link below, or keep scrolling for more bout how I might fit into your story.  

"Thank you for night full of wonder"

Crib Sheet

Your Story In Brief


  • A Personal Welcome

  • Magic happens in your own hands!

  • Opens up conversations, creates a palpable buzz, and facilitates introductions

During drinks and reception, your guests will feel welcome and involved as I stroll among them introducing myself and my particular style of magic


  • Maintaining the mood

  • Ensure Your Event Runs On Time

  • Keep Your Guests Engaged

Once your guests are seated, I offer a small table show.  This keeps guests engaged, keeps them in their seats waiting for me to arrive, and helps your event run on time. This is also the time for special attention to particular guests.


  • A touch-point for all to remember

  • Makes the event truly memorable

  • Brings everyone together

After dinner, a 10 – 15 minute cabaret show serves as a wonderful way to bring everyone together before music and other main events.   


  • An intimate private evening

  • Spellbinding Magic

  • Story-telling

For one hour I weave a story of magic, personal insights, and philosophical musings in the venue of your choice for an intimate gathering of friends, clients, or business associates.

Designed For:

  • Highlighting  vegan menus or products

  • Ethically conscious clientele

If your corporation or organization targets an ethically conscious customer base or would like to introduce products to the emerging and increasingly trendy vegan market, The Vegan Magician is the vegan option everyone will want. 

What is vegan magic?  Well, it looks like the real thing, but it’s made from tofu! 

But being “The Vegan Magician” is about much more than tongue-in-cheek humour and clever quips.  Alec believes veganism is all about making our choices matter.  He’s been vegan since 2007 and came to the lifestyle for many of the same reasons he began performing magic professionally.  “Be the change” is a motto that led him not only to veganism but to doing what he really loves in life.  It was only natural to become The Vegan Magician.

(all magic certified organic, gluten-free, free-range, and vegan!)

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